“Being a verbally and sexually molested young girl who faced evictions, repossessions and was living off of payday loans with no payday, didn’t stop me from becoming a rock solid business woman who produced over $1.4 Billion in sales, a wife, mother, unconventional minister, world traveler and global leader to thousands.  My scars are proof I survived.  I’m opening the vault and living out loud to show you how, with the help of the Holy Spirit, to get your break-through and be great too!” – Porshea Wilkins

Porshea Wilkins (born Porshea Mitchell of Hearne, Texas) is a Wife, Mother, Purpose Mid-Wife and successful Entrepreneur who resides in Houston, Texas with her Husband Jarrod and daughter Chandler.


As a Wife and Mother of a blended family, she carefully and lovingly navigates the day to day operations of their lives.  She loves to cook and in 2016 launched TheWilkinsKitchen.com – Creative Cuisines Your Belly is Gonna Love – to share her favorite cuisines and encourage women to get in the kitchen.


As a Purpose Mid-Wife, she leverages social media to teach “Kingdom principle” based content to those in her network. She is the creator of three very successful online series: PorsheaRae & the Platform (2009), P.O.W.E.R. Principles with PorsheaRae (2010) and Lady Wilkins Wisdom (2014).  In 2015 God gave her the vision for Straight Talk Woman Talk, a Kingdom principle based platform grounded in authenticity and truth.  She serves as a Purpose Mid-Wife for thousands women globally where she encourages them to push and give birth to their purpose.


As a Business Strategist & Entrepreneur, along with her husband Jarrod, Co- Founded Wilkins Leadership Group, where she personally oversees and executes all Marketing, Creative and daily Business Operations. Together they host monthly Workshops and Boot Camps catered to teaching professionals how to identify their purpose and create profitable businesses doing the work they love. They also lead a global organization of professionals in Direct Sales that has generated over $50 Million in sales.  She travels often to speak on various platforms about leadership, culture, relationship and personal development.  Their vision to Build It For Your Last Name has created a movement of multiple 6 & & figure earners globally.

She leverages her B.B.A. in Marketing as well as her life experiences to advise other entrepreneurs and business owners on how to creatively plan and execute their vision, implement operational systems to streamline production and lay foundations for an effective organizational culture.  She has received Congressional Recognition for community development and managed production of retail brands worth up to $1.4 Billion.